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The Blaikie Group is one of the largest providers of surety bonds and fidelity bonds in the New York metro area.

We are an Independent Insurance Agency specializing in writing / providing commercial surety bonds and fidelity bonds.  Although our firm focuses on providing surety bonds and fidelity bonds throughout the metro New York area, we are licensed throughout the country.

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Surety bonds are among the most basic and indispensable tools of the legal system. By guaranteeing performance and strict compliance with court orders, they allow litigation to proceed that might otherwise be halted. Surety bonds also allow individuals to obtain public licenses and permits, fiduciaries to administer trusts, and many other legal transactions to occur. When your client needs a surety bond, you want a company that can respond quickly and intelligently to your client’s needs. Specifically, you require a company that can help you make sense of the scores of surety bond options available and can help you execute the bond without hassle or delay.

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